I am William Sing

A driven Optimization Specialist Problem Solver Achiever

About Me

I work intently on providing value for others. Whether this be by creating systems, achieving company goals, providing resources, or just having a friendly conversation. I pride myself on using my ability to learn quickly and develop long lasting professional relationships.

With my analytical skills and need to achieve I help companies find remarkable talent.

I plan my life on a termly basis and aim to constantly develop myself. Right now I am training for the hood to coast, listening to various books/podcasts, and learning about Data Science/AI.

Skills and Traits


Every day starts at zero for me. Every morning I write down my tasks for the day and understand the importance of each. There is nothing more satisfying than completing a checklist by the end of the day.


I thoroughly enjoy organizing chaos. Life will always have some degree of it, I find ways to make results repeatable, scalable, and efficient.


I love to learn new things and constantly be challenged. I find myself lost if I don’t have the chance to improve on my systems or try new opportunities.


At the end of my life I want to be proud of the relationships I have built and the experiences I made happen. Everyone deserves joy in their life and I do my best to make sure everyone I come into contact with has a brighter day.

Experience & Education

My Notable Work & Education

Red Cross

During my time at the Red Cross, I went from volunteer to Board Member of the Cascadia Region in six years. I worked on multiple college Blood Drives which included developing, implementing, and improving processes to meet goals. In addition, I developed multiple plans to help the student group expand into new areas like fundraisers.

Portland State University

I graduated from Portland State with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Psychology and Chemistry. Think I was bound for some lab? Think again!

Tech Talent Link

Soon after becoming a Talent Coordinator I moved to Talent Connector (Recruiter) at Tech Talent. I enjoy learning and implementing new technologies along with providing a personal candidate experience. Through this position, I have found a love for the tech industry and a better understanding of how the industry works. Constantly learning new technologies is always wonderful as well!


As an Operations Specialist, I have been able to work with Engineering, Outreach, and IPC (Quality Assurance) to ensure that everything is moving forward. At CLEAResult the main focus is to change the way people think of energy and move buildings towards green energy. Through this position, I have been able to develop my ability to create reliable processes to produce better results. I have come to realize how much I want to develop systems so that together we can rise to success!


This is a place where I put "How-to's" and some reflections I have had. All of this is my way of doing things and my own perspective. Thus, take things with a grain of salt. See if they work for you and experiment a little to fine tune your systems. Remember the science of you is a process not a fact.